• Serena Tan

We been too busy at work that

its been busy

for the last 2 months, i think MOST of the nights i go back after work is in darkest and in the taxi. Soon i might have forgotten my walk to the train station from my office place. tsk tsk.

With my ThiRak darling and my parents all full from their dinner, then keeping a little bit for me. Of course, by the time i reached home, i’m all exhausted to be eating already, so most of the time, i didnt eat much.

And at times, like yesterday, i was working late and THIRAK Darling AK worked pretty late too, so i managed to join them for the dinner meal the moment they finished.

so i’m welcoming my time to bloggie and changing the current background,. hoping wishing for it soon to come. i might liked to do it tonight.

also by late, we been so engorsed in the channel 79 CI……..

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