• Serena Tan

We drove to KL & Genting

We had a very free and easy drive up to Malaysia on Thursday without a plan route and timing. We left Singapore rather late morning and nah, no JAMMie at all.

we came pass Muar and changed another of the plan to stop at Melaka for Bak Kut Teh. Driving into Muar and looking for the BKT but in the ended up in Melaka for BKT. i loved the vinegar Porkie leggie… nice !

Royale Bintang Hotel in the late noon, checked in and took a short nap.

Dinner was around the Golden Triangle of the KL and we randomly chose a Chi Zha store.

Food wasn’t that bad, not fantastic though but a different taste

from the usual we always had.

line as in Bangkok stuff. The items were mostly “Made in Thailand”

and several clothings i bought recently in Bangkok is displayed here too.

hemm… Price of course is a bit more costly than Bangkok..

While we had Margarita frozen lime, mummy had her giantic ice cream

before heading to the hotel roomy for sleep

this is the pub calld BBPark

for Nasi Lemak and Rota Prata.

The food is the best, very nice and reasonable.

Chicken soup, lala, Japanese Snail, Steam bean paste fish,

vegetables and steam prawns. Reasonably, sing dollars around S$60+!

left the baggies in the car and went back to Casino for another few rounds

before driving down back to home.

Stopped over at JB 3 storey for dinner at 830pm.

No Jam at causeway but over at singapore back to singapore, a massive jam!

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