• Serena Tan

We going to Hongkong for XLRE’s Co tip

The eyes are almost ruined! This whole day I been doing the Efiling and the email kept pouring in , the abundance is over whelming., more and more especially when the brokers for the same cedants are in bulk you had to sort in the software, is the tedious part for me today I thought.

And the Company trip is out in the OPEN !

Like we pretend we don’t know, anyway its OUT In the OPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


XLRE is going to HONGKONG for the Holiday in August!

3 days only probably top up of one or two hundred to minimise the budget but still who cares,

its damn dirt cheaper than a normal self paid trip to HONGKONG isn’t it!

For me, its MOngkok shopping but a hard question pounce on my forehead soon after I got really excited when the possibilities of me going!

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