• Serena Tan

We have moved in

Finally one year later, after we bought the housey, we moved in last weekend .

Finally with all the fuss and reno, we moved in last weekend.

It was a good weather and with Benji’s and Dennis’ and Bolimo’s help, we managed to load the carton of boxes and furnitures into their lorries and moved into our new house. Including the POTS of plants flowers tall PLANTS large PLANTs for our garden.

Now our balcony is starting to look like garden.

I spent 2 days in the kitchen arranging unpacking and tidying things up into the rightful cabinets. Finally its finished.

it wasn’t that bad.

AK was doing the harder jobs, drilling and drilling.

the last weekend our meals were upside down. Missed our lunch and dinner because we were engorsed in our unpacking.

I’m back at work with alittle bit more unpacking in our room and spare room, and hall.

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