• Serena Tan

We learned to sing “Rau Rak Kan”

I lost touch of myself. For a while at least.

Thus.. ….


My darling AK has been renamed AKA also as Thi-Rak AK!

Cheerie. nice Thi-Rak = Darling.

We learned that last evening.

Last evening over at the Thai class, it was simply too confusing already.

Not the writing , but the spoken thai. The pronounication, hilariously a little but difficult but we will try. Try our best to brush our chinese accent to thai accent, practice makes perfect.

At the lesson else again, we learnt to sing a thai song. At least, we learnt to TRY to sing a thai song. Not successfully well sung by us. I think the Kru gave up.

“Rau Rak Kan”

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