• Serena Tan

We loved YOU!

And then one girl friend of mine is pretty upset over her appearance it seemed…

And when she pour the sorrows to me, i wished I was in the beauty parlour at that moment to help to beautify and make the best of her womanhood then… but I was helpless.

I wish I had special powers then… People say heart is the most powerful weapon, but still, in a human life, who doesn’t want to look good and be well liked and be pleased by oneself and the others..

Its always a consolation to say appearance doesn’t matter but come to reality, it actually does a lot before getting into internally..

Stupid right but its reality leh!

So, meanwhile without special powers and money..,,

I can only afford some listening consolation to my girlfriend…. You still have those who loved you… why bother about those who don’t????

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