• Serena Tan

We managed to find the Topshell brand we liked

Last evening after all the washing and cleaning up, we decided to have our dinner at 156 AhChai. After searching for so many months, me and AK managed to locate and bought several cans of Topshell over at Sheng Shiong the previous day and he bought 5 cans for ahChai for his Chi ZHa stall since he didn’t managed to find any.. We kept 2 cans for ourselves though.

So dinner was simply noodles simply tasty and filling, which after a while I felt like munching again, and we had 3 pepper crabs. The mummy and daddy sat and drank with us and slowly, the friends of ours one by one filled the seats around the table and a total of 10 of us were drinking together. The duck stall man, taxi driver and our regular group with the parents of mine!

Then the craving of topshell enticed AK and we fetched our 2 cans from home and ask AhChai to prepare the dish! He still didn’t charge us a cent… this was one kind of a too nice a guy.

In less than an an hour, we had cheese French fries and in another less than an hour, we ordered fried chicken wings!

Gosh, and I couldn’t believe that we all actually wolf up all the dishes! Sitting at the table in about 5 hours had me/ us eating nonstop! How to be slim like that?

And i am really tired and exhausted now… what is new?

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