• Serena Tan

We spoilt my Mother’s Birthday

I think I might have spoilt me mother’s birthday last evening with my incompetency and lack of communication. I felt exceptionally awfully dreadful!. The intention was to have a splendid dinner and the plan ended somewhere normal which in the end, we did get to eat together. Aiyo to think in office my competency could be at the alert and yet a small stuff I screw up the arrangements.

I guess towards our loved ones, we tend to take things always for granted expecting them to understand and thinking things will fall in place at times and our best is never put forth. But isn’t that a natural aspect of humans. That is just so human that when we have this attitude and feeling, its because they are our loved ones and the nature self of a human will react in this manner. Of course I didn’t say its rightful, it’s for us to curb and realized that this shouldn’t be this way. Try as we must, always tell myself that must always be more anxious about them than the outside world but always the “take for granted” is like a sin always persistently staying put. OH I FEEL SO SAD NOW!

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