• Serena Tan

We went Tiger Promotion Contest at Yishun

did you watch the last episode of the 7pm on Saturday night, just ?

the Hong Kong serial, the brother who was pulled off the plug by his foster mother? weird ending. Still i wonder about the Sam in the container. Died there? weird. or i must say dumb ending.

a little wasting time, we walked to 744 yishun because the darling AK said there will be a Getai there by Tiger S11. Sure was!

CROWDED as can be, with an additional tentage for the drinkers and the stage! Cute. And one of the 2 singers were Jessica wor. Still as pretty and fit ever.

We had a quick dinner and 2 tiger beer bottles, watched the performance and then they had GAME-mie.

The contestants had to soak their legs in the water of PACKED ICE added salt while they tried to piece the PUZZLE of 9 piece, 9 LARGE piece together. the picture of the new S11 at Tampiness. 5 minutes later, noone PIECE it yet.

so we got a little bored and made our way to walk the as USUAL long stretch of PASAR malam! guess what??

WHAT? …. …

Ramily BURGERS had 8 stalls in the PASAR malam in total! SO MANY SAME STALLS FOR WHAT? yeah the burger is nice and YUMMY! but still ?

8 same RAMILY BURGERS stalls in the same alternate sequence stretch!

BTW… we had LAKSA before we came back from PEOPLE’s PARK shopping spree.. it was ad hoc.. we landed at Yishun 900+ to get some herbal drinks and then SWALLOWED LAKSA!

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