• Serena Tan

Weather Moods is faster than ours

Its always starts to looks darken and misty in this hour of the morning every day in the area i’m working at. Maybe because we are near the sea as well and today’s the sea looks like its going to explode with formation of waves so visible at my sight where i am siting.

the far end of the sea sky is so blurred, so blurring the misty fog has covered the vision of mine.

And just when i was writing this posty, the storm came very quickly. EVERYDAY at this hour be it monsoon or not, it either rain or STORM.

Only yesterday yesterday we noticed the sea TURNED PALE yellow. like a dried up scallop, only this was the colour of the sea is yellow.

and just 5 mins of storm, its bright and clear with clear vision to me again.

WEIRD! i can see across the sea clearly in less than 5 mins of storm.


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