• Serena Tan

Weekly Round Up 14

Ok this week ended with me struggling to wake up earlier than I should have to clock enough hours because the boss ain’t in and I could probably get to go home super early on Friday.

But I didn’t.

Still had to work till 5pm because the clocking hours ain’t enough.

Definitely, I enjoyed the most after work, having dinner simply by tabao-ing back and slowly savouring the food in my mouth instead of rushing at some hawker center. Especially with the occasional rains that shower in the evening. Makes it even more scarier to drive with the blur vision.

This week saw me and AK packed back home about 3 times, catching the ahWANG at 7pm and the 1 room show at 9pm.

I had Wantan Mee 2 times this week.

I have still trying to adjust myself into the Finance work, helping the boss of mine in her reporting but still in training for the ground work! That’s my WEEK!

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