• Serena Tan

When I feel so uncertain about my worries..

There are times when I feel so helpless not able to control a certain situation. But that is life, … Sometimes as much we want to be the support for our dear ones, but I learnt that no matter how much love and support we give, at a certain point, a certain backlane, we ourselves will just have to walk through it alone.

And its during this alone-ness that, I realised even these love ones emotional and mentally support is just not enough to brave the walk.

I used to think that in our lifes, a lot of things we have to go through ourselves, with our own confidence and strength. Like in interviews, I have to go through It myself, at work, when I faced difficulties and at certain twist in my life, I cannot have Thirak with me all the time to boost my strength. Because he cannot be at my side 24/7.

Or vice verse.

When I was just sitting here, pondering about my families. Each on their own to their daily work, chores, problems and their own matters and not until the evening, when we meet at home again. During this time of temporary away, we are alone, handling our own problems and difficulties.

It is then during these moments, that I would feel a bit shaky not knowing how they are getting on, how are they handling their current situation and if they are alright…

These days however, whenever I feel shaky and uncertain about my dear ones, , i know already for certain that the Spirit of God is with us, each and individual of us. Just this truth I know is enough for me to move on during the day, and Speak to Him whenever I feel worried and troubled knowing He will see them through the day….

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