• Serena Tan

when night Falls and …

reading the updates in Facebook especiall the AK and Yeng’s adopted pet’s tickled me quickly.

buay tahan.

why is it, people as in people always and darn, its always take people for granted. is this the phase always ? i guess so. is the nature of a human being isn’t it..

when you can’t get it, you opt, fight and try you best to reach it, even how busy and tight you are.

but when you have it in your possession, sometimes, you say hurtful things to them, you ignore them and sometimes, feel irritated even at the sound of them.

” Let the one that has NO sin throw the stone at this POSITUTE…”” the Lord says…

this, nobody, noone can ever picked up a stone to be sure, for me, for everybody, we are all in some aspect guilty of that.. Definately.!!.. still. .. it became a thought, a wonder at the extend of how a human being can stretched it to!

isn’t life such? friends, lovers, family, couples …?

then, there is a certain moment, in your point in life, in ourpoint in life, where we feel, is the most hopeless, most totally destroyed point of time, where nothing ever seems to help and pull through, yet when you looked back through, it seems like a movie in the past. pulling through it, being and learning from what you thought it was the end of the life of yours.

i always sentimental moods in the middle of the evening or night…

the night runs quickly, with the morning to cover, with the noon to unfold us in a strong man ,to be unfold quickly as the night drops in, where our energy lowers, and our sentimentals sets in..

HEY ! jasmine msg me… ..

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