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When wrongs makes right

We were at Momma’s Workplace the Saturday for a full lunch because Thirak was off.

It wasn’t more than 5 mins that we settled down at the coffee house, that the waitress was holding a tilted tray with glasses of water, trying to place a glass at my side but slided the glasses on the tilted tray towards Thirakdarling, pouring him with water. Thank God it was just plain water.

So panicky was the chinese waitress, however, we went straight to Momma’s housekeeping office to dry the shirt of Thirakdarling, when we realised there wasn’t an extra clothing/shirt for customers to change to,  in the coffeehouse.

When we ask the waitress“ do you have an extra piece of clothing” to change while we dry the shirt.. the staff at the coffeehouse replied “no’, and just STOOD plainly staring back at us, looking equally lost.

I would expect for the staff at the coffeehouse at a HOTEL to offer a solution to the problem, but they simply stood on the floor looking lost answering no extra shirt and kept apologising. What if it was coffee or some other liquid than water?

The only solution offered was NOT from the coffeehouse manager or the staff but from the housekeeping side instead.

Momma brought us up to the office, have Thirak wrap in towel while her staff went to dry the shirt instead…

of course i was little pissed that we had to waste time cleaning up. Then again, we got to know momma’s staff.

Thirak at the housekeeping dept wrapped up

It was done in less than half an hour and we were back to the coffeehouse having our buffet teochew porridge lunch, with some ala carte food.

Somehow, the cook or GM got wind of the issue and ThirakDarling got a free lunch on his lunch ONLY and we were given, each a durian pudding, complimentary from the cook.

They said it was good. It was really good.

Durian Pudding

And a complimentary stir fried duck nonya style right after we finished our main course. The dish was fantastic but because we were simply too filled for more intake.

Nonya Baba Duck


Just yesterday, we were at a Japanese restaurant for dinner and we ordered our food individually.

Somehow, there was a miscommunication between the waiter and Momma.  She pointed at the scallops in the menu when she was ordering and the waiter assume she wanted the set menu from the page.

SO, when the set food came, we were overwhelmed. The set consists of in additional, a large salmon grilled, extra chawamushi, some side dishes and a bowl of rice, instead of what we thought,  the 2 scallops.

After trashing out with the waiter, we decided to absorb the set food. After all, it wasnt clear when Momma just pointed at the scallops. The scallops was part of the set food and not ala carte in the menu when she pointed to the waiter. Of course, there was a miscommunication.

With the set food in, we had definately overordered.

So we had lots in additional.

We tried quickly to cancel some of the other orders that werent served yet, but it was too late. We had ordered eariler a  grilled fish.  So we wanted to cancel this grilled fish the moment we realised the set was served, but it was too late. It came right after the set food was served.

So we had to absorb it.

Before we end the meal, the waiter that misunderstood Momma came and said the grilled fish would be waived. He explained it was his fault and the manager would waive the grilled fish for us. So, we just need to pay for the set only.

It wasn’t totally his fault, so Momma and I said its ok, we would pay everything, but he insist. So we had a grilled fish complimentary.


Just like if you turned the complimentaries to our life events.. I guess sometimes, ‘bad’ things aint exactly a very bad thing, it looks like it turn out well after all. Its just during that point of moment, we couldn’t see the outcome, and we start to feel frustrated and fret over it.

So it reminded me of myself with the Lord at times. Sometime He allows the “wrong” things to happen to allow good things to come out of it. Its just that sometimes, during in the situation, you tend not to see it, because our eyes are not open yet. These I learnt from our Lord.

And we know that we really need His grace & mercy and  to walk in fear and obedience of His words , this I learnt!

Matthew 6

25“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his lifeb?

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