• Serena Tan

Where is our Strength in our most difficult times….

Yeshua, spelled יֵשׁוּעַ (Yēšûă‘) or ישוע in Hebrew

its just too concidentally to be writing my thoughts based on Yeshua, and today my head and emotionals was running how different was He to us or us to HIM.

Did YOU felt what we felt? Did YOU, Yeshua understood totally our difficults times we had and having on this created world? And the the most truth, yes i think HE did.

During Yeshua last days, He was 1. Betrayed 2. Humilated 3. Wrongly Accused.

and he took all that.

How many instances did we felt at least one of the above? or at time more than one of the above or even all of the above. Sad to say.

Then i asked Yeshua, that He was the saviour and messiah, because HE was able to, HE wanted to feel what we are feeling. He Felt and went through and got HIS victory. but to us as the little children, how much could we take. How often we start to feel dismay and almost on the verge of giving up.

How do we have that strength to continue….

I asked sometimes because i’m still a typical human to feel.

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