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Which 3 household chores do you hate the most?

I was searching and searching for a meme, when I saw this!

Which 3 household chores do you hate the most? Why?

Knowing meme the person meme, would automatically know I basically liked to do household chores, and I liked to packed and packed thing neatly.

So I took a while to think, what are the things I don’t like to do in our house.

1. In just a few months, those gaps between the doors, or the tiles already is blackie for some, yellowish, in colour and every time, I would pour bleach in the gaps and try to get it to white in colour. Even in between the fixing of the basins….So whenever, it doesn’t goes the way I want, I will pour more bleach and (probably can finish the bottle) if someone didn’t stop me. I wish I had more solutions to that actually. So since bleaching and scrubbing doesn’t do the trick, it makes a flaw to my housework chores. Any solution for me please. 2. I hated washing the floor of the garden balcony because at the end of the balcony is the drainage hole with the small holes of filter blocking the large debris from entering into the hole, and that’swhere the water goes through, which is fine, but because of the numerous plants, stacks of it, it blocks my path to the drainage hole where all the dead dry leaves would be stacked on top of each other. So which means I can’t reach that drainage hole, which means, not totally visibly but if you bend down, you could see the dead leaves all piled at the corner, which is a pain to walk through those plants and clear the large debris. Sometimes, I don’t clear it, then to know that at the end of the balcony, that there are piles of dead leaves hidden, and not cleared is a flaw to our balcony especially when I have washed the floor….so that reminds me to notify Thirak to always clear it. Let me leave it at 2 hated chores. Can’t think of anything else.

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