• Serena Tan

While Benji is still quite feeble…

Nothing moves while during the weekends we did lazed at home so much.

That i began to feel more tired and lazy.

Mummy bought tons of chicken for Benji to eat in the evening to see

if we could fatten him up. He is still so mellow quiet, aint any active and boring.

My aunties came to the house, he did a little weak barking, choking on his bark

a while later and went under the chair to rest. He wasn’t any better it seems.

We couldn’t do much, at least I couldn’t do much, as he aged so much and

become weak, sometimes i wished he passed on quickly to avert these pain

he is getting now..and yet its too painful inside us for it to happen i think.


Then Thi-Rak AK and I did a little packing into boxes in our room and

cleared some space for our walking caused the little cramped room looks

very soon like a house storage room.

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