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XLRE HongKong Meeting Cum Trip

My Trip In Hongkong

I had the earliest of the 3 flights on Wednesday and the AK drove me to the airport to catch the flight to HOngkong.

CX, I always kana the funny stuff. While in the plane was chatting with Lee ting until it took off, chat chat chat until I got really bored and wanted to catch the on flight movies, the viedo set I had was malfunction. Pissed , I went to dreamland ..

Just landed, wow a little excited lor, always the case, in the transportation to the hotel, its where the HOngkong journey begins, not to mention, the budget meeting..

So its back to work and meeting on the 2nd day for the 1st day Budget meeting ..

Taking the Ferry to LAn Kuai Fang, for our 1st day budget meeting dinner, Indo chine!

The Final outcome, the “we are here”,

By Friday, the whole company arrived to check in Hongkong and join us in the Hongkong entourage. Yeah right. Didn’t get to see the rest of the company until the next day as it was Own time own target! The Macau Group took me camera for the day. Looks interesting the scenery.

Saturday at Stanley, A bus ride of one hour to Stanley where the stalls catered to all tourist only.

The Dinner at Rainbow, finally after the shaky journey,… The company having the dinner: –

Finally back to Singapore, after 4 nights 5 days away from heart…..

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