• Serena Tan

Yeng & I played with Smoke Machine

This full working week seemed long yet me and AK drank everyday! Monday to Wednesday at Coffeeshop, Thursday Temasek, Friday 97.

Lucky me, at 11pm I quickly make a fast 8 MINS call to Mummy Helen! She is doing fine and excited! And I heard a squeal from Raelyn! Steady bo! Was talking to her when we reached 97.

YENG YENG idea to drink GRAVEYARD MIX WITH TEQUILLA and Uncle’s Martell! NB. Needless to mention, I was gone lor, not that I very good drinker somemore!

Uncle chia’s SMOke Machine button was such a play. Yeng and I got so ticklish with the buttons and whenever a bouncer stood at the stage, she will blast the stage with the smoke! Then me blast then AK blast and then YENG blast and blast! Everytime she blast the stage with smoke, we felt so ticklish! BLAST Until at a point DON”T KNOW where the stupid camera is, we combed the whole table and floor and dugged into my bag, but our eyes were blocked by the liquor and the brain reaction was slowed down until I seriously thought I lost my camera! Until this morning AK found it in my bag! But I tell you hor, I still think AK hide the camera from me one hahahah!

Father and Daughter!

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