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Yishun Bidding Dinner

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We were given a table (something like the 7th month) in Yishun from the 156 people and last night was the dinner. It was grand large and most of the neighbourhood attended with lots from afar as far for the God’s birthday. There were in about 70 tables in the tentage and our seating arrangement was all messed up, not as planned, and with the parents together. It was alright, the bidding was horrendously high for the start with thousand over for the first bid for a Corden Bleu. They had almost 20 over bottles of Corden Bleu and failing to bid those in our hands, we finally obtained a XO Hennessy. I guess more for supporting the 156 people especially on the first year of celebration! Louis 13, one man had bid it for $22,000! Wow, to me drink down is still alcohol. How good the drink is? I doubt I ever drink this alcohol LOUIS 13 before man. I don’t think it would taste any different to a layman like me!

Anyhow, dinner ended almost 11pm and we walked back to the empty 156 coffeeshop for further chats and drinks.

Then, you realized neighbourhood closeness is quite comfy afterall!

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