• Serena Tan

Yishun Dead Souls Part 1

Did you hear the news about the 40,000 urns that laid to rest in Yishun around block 299 in the early 1950s? Apparantly there is going to be a ritual of prayers from the monks, a grand one in Yishun for these dead souls NOW. Prayers for the dead souls to rest in peace and release them. Release them? Free them? That is the words of the media! Then after so many decades, why now the prayers?

My sentiments is : – probably there had been unrest spirits around in Yishun haunting and floating in the human world. I guess the Yishun-eans have/had experience one or the other that a big prayer organisation to rest the dead souls has been decided. Gosh it must be something! Yishun-eans have been encouraged to join in the prayers to release these unrest dead souls…

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