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Yishun Swimming Pool Temple Dinner

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

I might have almost forgotten about the dinner we had on Sunday! It was one of a kind with 100 tables for the association near the Yishun Swimming Pool & We were invited , as the grp from 156 people to attend and makan and be merry. Just a short distance from 156,

The dinner served liquor Hennessy, weird rounded red wine and tons of beer and soft drinks. Eventually, the table of 156sss all started liquoring Hennessy, soon with Corden Bleu after many bids of it.

it was Merry except merrying on a Sunday had some restrictions…

then Not forgetting the ahLian, missing ahLian after so many months of disappearance, she appeared at the temple’s dinner as a Helper! Drunk and intoxicated as ever, swaying as she walked….. dropping her things around,

She met us with high excited voice and KISSES all over from her intoxicated mouth! Face all reded from the liquor she had, I would think. Soon she noticed more of us, all the familiar faces, became so excited & jumpy, she went around kissing us, especially Ah Chai!

she was very very funny though.. however, her kissing had caused a little bit of embarrasement to some.. tsk tsk

We wished we didn’t noticed her then..

Smack Smack!

she so funny

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